Orange County Medical Emergency Data System

ocmedslogo Since 2006, Orange County Emergency Medical Services (OCEMS), in concert with EMS system stakeholders and participants, has been actively working to develop an interoperable electronic data management solution that will track prehospital patient care events from the moment that 9-1-1 is called through discharge from an emergency department. The new data management solution, called the Orange County Medical Emergency Data System (OC-MEDS), has been designed to be compliant with the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) and the California EMS Information System (CEMSIS). These new capabilities will significantly improve such things as quality assurance / quality improvement efforts, countywide syndromic surveillance, and real-time EMS event and patient tracking with user specific web-based reporting tools.

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OC-MEDS Reports and Guides

.OC-MEDS: Next Generation Planning Committee
Section UL
 OC-MEDS NextGen Data Lists and Policy Intro Presentation 10-21-2015 (1.74 MB)
 iPad (iOS) Enterprise Setup - Agency Administration Presentation 09-24-2015 (243.2 KB)
 iPad (iOS) Enterprise Setup - IT Professional Presentation 09-24-2015 (3.86 MB)
 iPad (iOS) Enterprise Setup - Super User Presentation 09-24-2015 (989 KB)
 OC-MEDS Hospital Hub Roll Out Announcement (285.7 KB)
 OC-MEDS NextGen Planning Committee Presentation (10.1 MB)
 OC-MEDS: Next Generation Planning Committee - Request for Participants (622.2 KB)
Field Bridge / Service Bridge User Guides
Section UL
 OC-MEDS Service Bridge / Field Bridge Administrator Guide (11.26 MB)
 Field Bridge User Guide - Version (Updated 06/05/2013) (14.61 MB)
Hospital Dashboard User Guides
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 OC-MEDS Hospital Hub - Administrator Supplement - 05/2015 (623.8 KB)
 OC-MEDS Hospital Hub - Quick Reference - 05/2015 (108.1 KB)
 OC-MEDS Hospital Hub User Guide v1.0 - 05/2015 (1.03 MB)
OC-MEDS EMS Data Standards
Section UL
 eDisposition - Destination Group (OC-MEDS Data List v1.1) - Committee Working File 01-13-2016 (11.4 MB)
 eInjury.01 (OC-MEDS Data List v1.1) - Committee Working File 01-13-2016 (15.2 KB)
 eMedications.03 (OC-MEDS Data List v1.3) - Committee Working File 01-13-2016 (13.3 KB)
 eProcedures.03 (OC-MEDS Data List v1.3) - Committee Working File 01-13-2016 (15.7 KB)
 eSituation.11 (OC-MEDS Data List v1.4) - Committee Working File 01-13-2016 (15.3 KB)
 OC-MEDS v3 Data Dictionary (DRAFT) - Committee Working File 01-13-2016 (2.95 MB)
 eDisposition.12 (OC-MEDS Data List v1.0) - Committee Working File 01-13-2016 (12.6 KB)
 eScene.09 (OC-MEDS Data List v1.2) - Committee Working File 11-18-2015 (13.8 KB)
 GNIS Feature Definitions (Ref. Doc) (76.7 KB)
 Orange County GNIS City and Postal Codes (OC-MEDS Data List v1.0) - Committee Working File 11-18-2015 (29.8 KB)
 Orange County EMS Data Standards - DRAFT DOCUMENT (04/2009) (10.77 MB)
Section UL
 OC-MEDS Monthly Newsletter Apr. - May 2014 (519.9 KB)
 OC-MEDS Monthly Newsletter Feb. - Mar. 2014 (349.7 KB)
 OC-MEDS Monthly Newsletter - Dec. 2013 - Jan. 2014 (587 KB)
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 OC-MEDS Technical Update - April 2015 - Google Chrome Browser Issues (181 KB)
 OC-MEDS Technical Update - April 2015 - Spinal Motion Restriction (196.1 KB)