EMS Clinical Procedures

Section UL
 B-00 BLS Procedures Title (6.6 KB)
 B-05 Adult Spinal Immobilization 11-2012 (179.7 KB)
 B-10 Tourniquets: Indications and Procudures (26.7 KB)
 B-15 Assisting with Nitroglycerine for Chest Pain / Cardiac Ischemia (29.2 KB)
 B-20 Assisting with Metered Dose Inhaler (23.6 KB)
 B-25 Assisting with Aspirin for Chest Pain / Cardia Ischemia (23.6 KB)
 B-30 12-Lead EKG Placement Procedure (81 KB)
 B-35 Nerve Agent Exposure Antidote Auto-Injection (32.1 KB)
 B-40 AutoPulse Device (27.1 KB)
 B-45 Assisting with Epinephrine Auto-Injector (24.1 KB)
 B-50 Administration of Oral Glucose (24.1 KB)
 B-55 Assisting ALS with Clucometer (27.3 KB)
 B-60 Assisting ALS with Pulse Oximetry (26.6 KB)
Section UL
 PR-000 ALS Procedures Title (6.6 KB)
 PR-001 Primary Survey in the Field (232.2 KB)
 PR-002 Secondary Survey in the Field (366 KB)
 PR-005 Airway Management - Tracheostomy (185.7 KB)
 PR-010 Administration of Medication Via A PVAD (32.6 KB)
 PR-015 Amputation Management (24.7 KB)
 PR-020 Combitube (59.4 KB)
 PR-025 Defibrillation (25.8 KB)
 PR-030 Endotracheal Intubation: Adult 8/2012 (331.9 KB)
 PR-035 Feeding Tube Insertion (18.3 KB)
 PR-040 Intravenous Access: Adult or Pediatric (31.8 KB)
 PR-045 Jugular Vein Cannulation-External (50.7 KB)
 PR-050 End-Tidal CO2 Monitoring / Capnography (23.6 KB)
 PR-060 Needle Thoracostomy (24.3 KB)
 PR-065 Pulse Oximetry (22.2 KB)
 PR-075 Saline Lock (17.9 KB)
 PR-080 Serum Glucose Level Determination (22.9 KB)
 PR-095 Synchronized Cardioversion (23.3 KB)
 PR-100 Valsalva's Maneuver (24.9 KB)
 PR-105 12-lead Electrocardiography (25.6 KB)
 PR-110 Transcutaneous Cardiac Pacing 8/2012 (273.8 KB)
 PR-115 Intraosseous Infusion (35.5 KB)
 PR-120 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (177.4 KB)
 PR-125 Intranasal (IN) Transmucosal Medication (38.2 KB)
 PR-135 Pregnancy Emergency Delivery (258.4 KB)
 PR-200 Monitoring Blood Transfusions During Interfacility Transport (123.4 KB)
 PR-210 Monitoring Neuromuscular Blockaide During Transport (104.9 KB)
 PR-215 Monitoring Thoracostomy (Chest) Tubes During Transport (277.3 KB)