Upcoming Standing Orders and Policies

 Upcoming Standing Orders & Policies


OCEMS has posted the following Upcoming Standing Orders and Policies

OCEMS Service Providers may choose to implement these Standing Orders and Policies prior to the posted Effective Date

Effective Date November 1, 2016


Administrative SO
Section UL
 I-10 Abbreviations with Definitions (764.7 KB)
 I-15 Adult Standing Order Drug Guide (2.67 MB)
 I-20 Pediatric Medication Dosages (by Wt) (857.6 KB)
 SO ALS General ALS Standing Orders 11_2016 (265.3 KB)
 SO-AMA- Signing Against Medical Advice in the Field (895.8 KB)
 SO-REL- Evaluation without Treatment or EMS Transport (Release in Field) (756.8 KB)
CARDIAC -ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-C-10 Cardiac Arrest w LifeVest (495.1 KB)
 SO-C-15 Chest Pain w LifeVest (489.2 KB)
 SO-C-20 Symptomatic Bradycardia (591.9 KB)
 SO-C-25 SVT- Narrow QRS Complex Tachycardia (528.1 KB)
 SO-C-30 Atrial Fib- Narrow Complex, Irregular Tachycardia (211.3 KB)
 SO-C-40 VT with Pulse- Wide QRS Complex Tachycardia with a Pulse (516.6 KB)
Section UL
 SO-E-05 Burn (Thermal, Electrical, Chemical) (622.6 KB)
 SO-E-10 Diving- Decompression Sickness/Air Embolism (420 KB)
 SO-E-15 Non-Fatal Drowning (233.2 KB)
 SO-E-25 Thermal Disorders (492.8 KB)
 SO-E-30 Snake Envenomation (224.3 KB)
MEDICAL -ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-M-05 Abdominal/Flank Pain- Non-Traumatic (465.8 KB)
 SO-M-15 Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis (335.8 KB)
 SO-M-20 Altered Mental Status (268.7 KB)
 SO-M-25 Suspected Acute Stroke or Intracranial Hemorrhage (581.4 KB)
 SO-M-30 Psychiatric/Behavioral Emergencies (328.2 KB)
 SO-M-35 Respiratory Distress (364.9 KB)
 SO-M-40 Seizure/Convulsion (218.7 KB)
 SO-M-45 Shock Symptomatic Hypotension (482.5 KB)
 SO-M-50 Overdose/Poisoning (678.6 KB)
 SO-M-55 Suspected Sepsis (506.1 KB)
 SO-M-60 Vomiting (204.2 KB)
OB -ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-O-10 Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (443.2 KB)
 SO-O-15 Vaginal Bleeding in Pregnancy (440.3 KB)
PEDIATRICS -ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-P-05 Apparent Life Threatening Event (ALTE)- Pediatric (417.6 KB)
 SO-P-10 Newborn Care (814.5 KB)
 SO-P-100 Non-Fatal Drowning- Pediatric (211.6 KB)
 SO-P-105 Thermal Disorders- Pediatric (339.8 KB)
 SO-P-20 Traumatic Cardiopulmonary Arrest- Pediatric (246.9 KB)
 SO-P-25 Amputation Injuries- Pediatric (281.2 KB)
 SO-P-30 Crush Injury- Pediatric (305.2 KB)
 SO-P-35 Acute Respiratory Distress- Pediatric (285 KB)
 SO-P-40 Cardiopulmonary Arrest- Pediatric (600.2 KB)
 SO-P-45 Symtomatic Bradycardia- Pediatric (225 KB)
 SO-P-60 Allergic/Reaction- Pediatric (302.1 KB)
 SO-P-65 Altered Mental Status- Pediatric (310.5 KB)
 SO-P-75 Seizure/Convulsion- Pediatric (267.3 KB)
 SO-P-80 Shock (Symptomatic Hypotension)- Pediatric (269.8 KB)
 SO-P-85 Substance Overdose/Poisoning- Pediatric (363.4 KB)
 SO-P-90 Nausea/Vomiting (437.4 KB)
 SO-P-95 Burn (Thermal, Electrical, Chemical)- Pediatric (581.2 KB)
PROCEDURES - ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 PR-60 Needle Thoracostomy: Adult (191.4 KB)
TRAUMA -ALS Standing Orders
Section UL
 SO-T-05 General Injury and Trauma (946.2 KB)
 SO-T-10 Traumatic Cardiopulmonary Arrest (491.7 KB)
 SO-T-15 Amputation Injuries (524 KB)
 SO-T-20 Crush Injury (501.9 KB)
 SO-T-25 Taser (531.4 KB)