Kids in Disasters (KIDs) Working Group

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The Kids in Disasters (KIDs) Working Group was officially established as a subcommittee of the Orange County Disabilities Access and Functional Needs (DAFN) Working Group in February 2013.

Mission: To engage public and private community, government and healthcare organizations and individuals to promote coordinated efforts and partnerships to ensure that infants’ and children’s needs are met before, during, and after disasters.


  • Identify and share information on Orange County-specific child-focused resources
  • Share information on new and developing policies and standards regarding children in emergencies, best practices supporting child safety and well-being, and initiatives that support children, before, during and after disasters
  • Provide input into Orange County Operational Area and other emergency response plans and annexes to ensure they address children’s comprehensive needs during emergencies
  • Provide training opportunities for organizations, support agencies, and institutions interested in enhancing emergency readiness for children
  • Include organizations providing services to children in emergency preparedness and response exercises

Milestones and Upcoming Events:


Initial kick-off event with speaker on Disaster Preparedness for Children at HEPPC meeting

Coping with Disasters

Surge Planning

Mental Health

Child Care

  • Recommendations for Protecting Children in Child Care (NACCRRA and Save the Children)

Disaster Preparedness for Children

Michele Cheung, MD MPH FAAP
Orange County
Health Care Agency (HCA)

Training by Save the Children for child cares on emergency preparedness
Initial official meeting of KIDs Working Group; mission/goals/objectives established
Official establishment of KIDs Working Group as subcommittee of OA DAFN
Brief KIDs Working Group meeting - discuss gap assessment plan
HEPPC meeting on “Response to a School Shooting – Sandy Hook and Local Preparedness”
Training by Save the Children for child cares on emergency preparedness
Training on Psychological First Aid for Children at early education conference
5/30/13 KIDs Working Group Meeting
  • Summary of survey on resources and services available for children and their families before, during and after a disaster
  • Assessment of preparedness in Orange County to meet children’s needs before, during and after a disaster
7/18/13   KIDs Working Group Meeting 
  • Reviewed gap assessment results
  • Prioritized gaps to work on
  • Formed sub-Working Groups
    • Child care infrastructure recovery
    • Access to pediatric mental health services
    • Pediatric surge planning
    • Pediatric risk assessment
  • 9/19/13   KIDs Working Group Meeting 
    • Reports from sub-Working Groups

    Speaker:  "Disaster Planning:  Are you ready for the kids?"

    11/14/13  KIDs Working Group Meeting, 2-4 pm, Health Strategic Operations Center