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HEPPC Report Q 6.4 2012 (PDF) 

  • Comings and Goings
    • New Acting Director of MedicalServices
    • New Interim Health DisasterManagement (HDM) Division Manager
    • New Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP
    • New Community Preparedness Team Manager Manager
    • Farewell to our CDC Manager
  • HEPPC County News
    • Gearing up for the Annual Statewide Medical and Health Tabletop Exercise
    • OCHCA 7th annual Point of Dispensing (POD) Exercise
    • The Orange County Health Care Agency’s Website gets new look
    • Social Media, Get Connected
    • Are you registered on Alert OC?
    • OC MEDS
  • HEPPC Federal News
    • New CERT Training Tools Webinar
    • Anthrax Vaccine Trial Distribution Could Begin in 2013

HEPPC Report Q 6.3 2012 (PDF) 

  • Minting a New HEPPC
  • Chempack Is Where It’s At - First Responders Receive Training
  • May 25, 2011 - Clinic Disaster Preparedness Training and Exercise for Clinic CEO’s and Medical Directors
  • Risky Business - Recapping the 2012 Health Preparedness Summit

January / February 2012 (PDF)

     Highlighting National Efforts in Public Health Planning & Response
  • SAVE THE DATES: 2012 Health Care Agency Events
  • GOT SMART – GET SMART: Showcasing HCA Video Training

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