Surge OC

SurgeOC kickoff meeting 3-22-10

SurgeOC Rollout Meeting March 22, 2010

Surge OC
 is an initiative created by the County of Orange Health Care Agency to help prepare the local health care delivery system to meet the medical needs during a catastrophic disaster. It encourages the collaboration between various facets of the health care system and brings together hospitals, long term care/skilled nursing facilities, community clinics, social services agency, public health department, city and county emergency managers to plan at a local level and to develop realistic operational plans.

Preparedness Planning
  • Understand the needs of our community
  • Establish regional Healthcare response Plans
  • Validate and strengthen plans through exercise
Staffing and Training
  • Identification of training needs
  • Implementation of training programs
  • Identify staffing resources

Partner Collaboration
Develop a regional collaborative of informed, empowered and
 connected health care partners that might need to depend on 
each other in times of a disaster.  

Information Sharing
  • Alerts and Notification
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Flow of information
Resource Management
  • Identify resource needs
  • Strategic placement and maintenance of resources
  • Establish a process for resource requests